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Living History

We offer a Tudor Living History educational programme.

The Sandford Award winning programme about the Tudors is suitable for Key Stages 2 & 3. Students discover about life in Tudor Times, for both courtiers and commoners.

Please visit www.livinghistoryhatfield.co.uk. For dates and to book online see the menu on the left. Places are limited, so if your school would like to take part please complete the booking form as soon as possible.

Should you have any questions, please call 077881 40572

The Tudors

Hatfield is famous as the place where Elizabeth I spent much of her youth and where she received the news 450 years ago that she was to be Queen of England. Hatfield House is offering an experience to bring the Tudor period alive, culminating in an audience with Elizabeth's father, King Henry VIII. Particularly suitable for Key Stages 2 and 3, although students of all ages will find the programme useful.

The Project

The Living History programme has been updated to reflect the requirements of the National Curriculum.

For those of you who have visited the project in the past rest assured that the structure of the day, which has been enjoyed by over 130,000 children since the project began remains exactly the same. The date however has changed to the end of Henry VIII's reign. This will allow us to better meet the requirements of the new Curriculum.

Outside the Project

The children are welcome to take a visit to Hatfield House Gift Shop for Tudor Souvenirs at pocket money prices as a memory of the trip. The Hatfield House Gift Shop also offers a Tudor Goody Bag option at £1.00 per bag for Tudor Souvenirs (including branded items and a postcard). Please call Janis at the Gift Shop if you would like this option for the children on 01707 271411.

At the end of the formal programme there is free time to explore the Park. We recommend a walk up to the Queen Elizabeth Oak Field where Elizabeth I received the news of her accession to the English throne. Students will gain a sense of walking in her footsteps past the ancient oak trees on the way.

For more information, please call 077881 40572.

Hatfield Park Farm

The Hatfield Park Farm is the home of many rare and traditional breeds of farm animals, from Long-horn cattle to Fowl and geese. For £1 per child, we now offer a guided tour, exploring the way Tudors would have looked after and used their animals. The tour focuses on the life of the Tudor peasant compared to the life at Court. For more information about this, contact Fiona Hunt, Farm Manager on info@hatfieldparkfarm.co.uk.