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A Halloween Festival For Families



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28 October @ 10:00 am - 31 October @ 3:30 pm

Tickets are available for the following sessions:

Morning Session: 10am – 12.30pm

Afternoon Session: 1pm – 3.30pm

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Welcome to Frightown! A place full of monstrous misfits that might seem scary to outsiders at first but once you look a little closer you may find things in common.

Look out for the Mayor of Frightown who will be on hand to greet you and guide you around this strange and spooky place, as the weird and wonderful inhabitants prepare for their biggest event of the year – Halloween!

• Craft some decorations and souvenirs in the Goblins makers tent;
• Solve the story puzzle and hear of ancient Frightown folklore;
• Help the Wacky Witch prepare the unusual festival feast;
• Remind the forgetful Boogey Man the lyrics to his song; and join the dance party at the Skelton cabaret!

Here we find the Goblin master crafters who may be bad at maths but are excellent at making things! Come and find out about Frightown’s greatest exports, and have a go at making some things yourself. Continuous drop-in activity with several craft options to choose from.

Meet the town’s extroverts who love to show off their moves and grooves – learn a simple dance routine to perform together then show off your own unique dance moves at the monster mash disco. Performance every half an hour, with a drop-in disco in between.

The wacky witch and her cheeky devil sidekick are cooking up some special Frightown recipes, to them your birthday cake sounds disgusting and toe nails, worms and rainwater make a more delectable dish. A messy comedy scene – think ready steady cook meets pantomime madness with a big dose of yuck. Performance every half an hour.

The Boogey Man might sound scary and look rather monstrous but actually he is Frightown’s friendliest fellow and greatest musician, unfortunately he is also very forgetful. Help him remember the lyrics to his song, find the rhymes in time for his performance and join in a jolly singalong. Performance every half an hour.

Join our Frightown monster historian &/or mad scientist to solve some puzzles and hear their spooky stories that have been long forgotten and need retelling. Performance every half an hour.

Come and join us to face your fears, celebrate our differences and have a whole world of fun at Frightown!

  • Woodland Walks & Park:
  • OPEN
  • Restaurant:
  • OPEN
  • Stable Yard:
  • OPEN
  • West Garden:
  • Hatfield House:
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