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Explore The Park

The Blue Walk - Hatfield House
The Blue Walk - Hatfield House

The Blue Walk

2 miles / 3.2 kilometres
50 minutes

The walks start at the illustrated board near the entrance to the Stable Yard where you can also find the restaurant, gift shop and lavatories. Walk down the Carriage Drive (the exit route) and around the horse chestnut tree at the bottom, cutting across the grass to the corner of the wood. The numbers refer to stops marked on the route map.

7: The 16-acre Broadwater was formed by a dam in the River Lee (or Lea) to power the now redundant water mill at the far end of the lake. The area was landscaped and replanted after the 1987 storm with a number of ornamental trees. The island opposite has recently been planted with twenty different species of oak.

8: Although the castle folly dates from the 1780s the wall around the secret garden (once the Vineyard) beyond was built in 1633.

9: This is said to be the place where Queen Elizabeth I learned of her accession to the throne of England in 1558. Queen Elizabeth II planted this oak in 1985 to replace the original. The walk crosses the field to the road by the new formal hedged plantation called Wake Wood.

10: Wake Wood was planted in 2000 to commemorate the end of an era when most of the hereditary peers were expelled from the House of Lords. There are about 25 different tree species within the hornbeam hedge. The limestone megalith in the centre, a gift of Lord Shrewsbury, came from Cauldon Low Quarries in Staffordshire. The open area of grass stretching down to the avenue is used regularly for large events.

11: The wooded area ahead and towards the house is the Elephant Dell.

12: The Elephant Oak has a remarkable resemblance to an elephant’s head in its trunk and branches.

13: The stream flows from the Valley along the Black Ditch to Town Bottom. To the left and through the trees is the dam of the New Pond which dates to the 17th Century.

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  • OPEN 10am-4pm
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