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Explore The Park

The Red Walk - Hatfield House
The Red Walk - Hatfield House

The Red Walk

3.2 miles / 5.2 kilometres
90 minutes

The walks start at the illustrated board near the entrance to the Stable Yard where you can also find the restaurant, gift shop and lavatories. Walk down the Carriage Drive (the exit route) and around the horse chestnut tree at the bottom, cutting across the grass to the corner of the wood. The numbers refer to stops marked on the route map.

14: The Vineyard, extending to the other side of the Broadwater, was created in 1611 with 30,000 vines, some the gift of the Queen of France, planted and managed by Frenchmen. Despite this specialist input there are no records of a single bottle of wine ever being produced!

15: The Red Bridge was built in 1864. Below the mill pool is the former Estate sawmill – originally a corn mill. In 1881 the mill wheel was adapted to drive dynamos for Hatfield House, one of the first houses in the country to have electric light.

16: Daffodil Ride is particularly beautiful in the springtime when the native wild daffodils are at their best. A few oak trees in the park have been dated, using reliable modern techniques, to over 700 years old. Their longevity is due to the old practice of pollarding, which allowed a crop of wood to be taken at regular intervals. Cutting the branches high enough above the ground prevented browsing animals from impeding regrowth from the stumps.

17: The path now leaves the Home Park. Ahead and slightly left is Brick Kiln Wood stretching over the hill beyond. Deep pits still remain in the wood, from which clay was dug for centuries for making bricks. Some of them were used for building Hatfield House.

18: The vast open Showground field on the left is where the Hatfield Country Show and other events are held. In Victorian times it was used as a racecourse by the South Herts Yeomanry.

  • Hatfield House:
  • West Garden:
  • East Garden:
  • Restaurant:
  • OPEN 10am-4pm
  • Stable Yard:
  • OPEN 10am-5pm
  • Hatfield Park Farm:
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