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April 25th, 2019
The Coronation of Queen Anne - Hatfield House
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The Coronation of Queen Anne

This week marks 317 years since the coronation of Queen Anne and visitors to Hatfield House have the chance to view the very throne which was created for Queen Anne’s coronation back in 1702.

The throne is on display in the North Gallery for the 2019 season and between May 1st and 16th June, the costume worn by Olivia Coleman who played Queen Anne in the Oscar Award winning ‘The Favourite’ will be on display along side it.

  • West Garden:
  • Open 10:30am - 5pm
  • Woodland Walks:
  • OPEN 10:00am - 5pm
  • Restaurant:
  • OPEN 10:00am - 3pm
  • Stable Yard:
  • OPEN
  • Hatfield House:
  • Closed for this season
Barry’s Bees - Hatfield House

Barry’s Bees

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