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On this day - Hatfield House
On this day - Hatfield House

The Wider Estate

The wider Estate comprises a mix of traditional agricultural and more modern tenancies together with in-hand farming operations at three farms on land at both the Hatfield and Cranborne Estates.

The agricultural and conservation policies of the Estate play an important part in the overall appearance and management of the land held.

Whilst most of the in-hand farming is arable, let holdings range from dairy and livestock farms to mixed business involving a combination of arable farming, horses, sheep and pigs.

Great care is taken to farm and manage Estate land with conservation in mind. Over ten miles of hedges have been planted or restored in recent years together with conservation margins around the edges of fields and against watercourses.

The Estate relies heavily on the proactive management for sporting and shooting from the farms and forestry departments. Game and venison, when in season, is sold through our Farm Shop together with pork and other products all year round.

For details of the Cranborne Estate – Manor Garden, Garden centre, properties and shop click here

  • Hatfield House:
  • CLOSED for Good Friday
  • West Garden:
  • East Garden:
  • CLOSED (open each Wednesday)
  • Restaurant:
  • Stable Yard:
  • Hatfield Park Farm:
Open Easter Weekend Saturday- Monday - Hatfield House

Open Easter Weekend Saturday- Monday

Hatfield House, Gardens, Park and Park Farm will be closed on Friday 19th April for Good Friday....