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January 14th, 2020
A Festive Treat For The Goats - Hatfield House
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A Festive Treat For The Goats

We are constantly finding new ways to improve our recycling and sustainability.

The Christmas Trees we used are now being recycled as tasty snack for the goats on the farm. Some of our team have been busy breaking them down and placing them around the barns which are home to the goats during the winter months. The goats are currently munching away stripping the needles off the branches – great nutrition and entertainment!

“It is so nice and rewarding to see the goats having fun chomping away and playing with the trees, it’s great for their teeth!” Charlotte – Farm Team Member.

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A note from our Estate Director - Hatfield House

A note from our Estate Director

I would like reach out to thank you all of those who have communicated with the Estate...