February 26th, 2019
St Etheldreda’s community garden day - Hatfield House
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St Etheldreda’s community garden day

On Monday 25th of February seven members of Hatfield House Park and Garden team assisted St. Etheldreda’s in tidying up the church garden, in order to improve the view of the church from Fore Street. A large and dominant privet hedge had grown out of proportion over time and in doing so made the church less visible to visitors of Old Hatfield and Hatfield House. The privet hedge has now been cut back and will be maintained as a low hedge to allow members of the public to spot and admire St. Etheldreda’s from a distance.

On the same day the team also begun the process of removing the holly hedge which divides the Family’s private cemetery from the main cemetery. As a result, it revealed beautiful ornate railings, whilst also opening up the view of the church and Old Palace to one another. Work will continue on the 11th of March when the dedicated Garden team will finish removing this section of hedging.


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