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Hatfield During WW1

Tanks, Tribunals and Tragedy: The Story of a Great House in the Great War.

Watch online: Hatfield House – The Story of a Great House in the Great War

This short video shows Hatfield House’s involvement in the First World War. Using images of archive sources, old photographs, painting and film, the video will cover aspects of the war from the family’s own personal tragedies to the wartime Estate.

The Upper Solar room is closed when events are taking place in the Old Palace.

To view it in the Upper Solar a ticket is required for the West Garden and Park.

Disabled visitors – The Upper Solar room is up one flight of stairs, visitors who can’t manage the stairs can request to view the video in the House Reception or watch it online.

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  • West Garden:
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  • Hatfield House:
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Apple Trees - Hatfield House

Apple Trees

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