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Explore The Park

The Green Walk - Hatfield House
The Green Walk - Hatfield House

The Green Walk

1.1 mile / 1.8 kilometres
30 minutes

The walks start at the illustrated board near the entrance to the Stable Yard where you can also find the restaurant, gift shop and lavatories. Walk down the Carriage Drive (the exit route) and around the horse chestnut tree at the bottom, cutting across the grass to the corner of the wood. The numbers refer to stops marked on the route map.

1: The three walks are signed by coloured arrows from the two 500 year old oaks known as the Sentinels of the Woods. The path descends into the Black Ditch.

2: The charred shell of the veteran oak nearby is retained, as are many on the Estate, as a habitat for specialist insects that favour standing deadwood. You will see many similar (veteran) trees on the route; these are retained and afforded special protection as they have many ecological benefits as well as historical importance.

3: This is naturally regenerated woodland of broad-leaved species of trees – a good contrast with the next area of commercial timber.

4: On the left is a mixed plantation of Scots pine, oak and beech planted in 1967. The western hemlocks on the right were planted in 1978.

5: This 1955 plantation has been well thinned to give the better trees room for development. The largest conifers are the Corsican pines, which are popular in the Southeast of England for softwood timber production.

6: The North Avenue is of lime and beech. The limes are hosts to some very fine mistletoe. The short green walk follows the avenue back to the house.

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Behind The Scenes Of Our Woodlands - Hatfield House

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