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Grnd Stair Resized - Hatfield House
Grnd Stair Resized - Hatfield House

The Grand Staircase

This elaborately-carved staircase, dating from 1611, is one of the finest examples of its kind in existence.

Surmounting the posts are snarling lions holding shields of arms, and putti (cherubs); some playing music.

The ceiling was decorated for Queen Victoria’s visit to Hatfield in 1846 and has recently been restored so that visitors will be now able to see it in all its glory. The rich golds and russets are complemented by a deep red silk paper which lines the walls and provides a sumptuous backdrop to the tapestries.

The gates at the bottom of the stairs were put there to stop the dogs of the household reaching the state rooms and bedrooms.

At the top, a carving on a newel post shows the figure of a gardener holding a rake. This is said to be John Tradescant, who was sent abroad by Robert Cecil to collect rare and exotic plants for his new garden at Hatfield. Some of them were hardly suited to the English climate: they included pomegranates, oleander, myrtle and thousands of vines.

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Changes to 2020 Events - Hatfield House

Changes to 2020 Events

The health and wellbeing of our visitors, the local community and the people working here is our...