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Explore The House

North Gallery Resized - Hatfield House
North Gallery Resized - Hatfield House

The North Gallery

This smaller room leads off the Long Gallery. Part of its panelling slides open to reveal windows that overlook the Marble Hall.

The spectacular table, opulently covered in small pieces of mother-of-pearl, dates from the 17th century. The Chair of State and footstool were made by Thomas Roberts for Queen Anne’s coronation in 1702.

  • West Garden Park:
  • CLOSED (Open Thurs-Sun)
  • Woodland Walks:
  • CLOSED (Open Thurs-Sun)
  • Restaurant:
  • CLOSED (Open Thurs-Sun)
  • Stable Yard:
  • CLOSED (Open Tues-Sun)
  • Hatfield House:
  • Closed for this season
Barry’s Bees - Hatfield House

Barry’s Bees

With so much uncertainty ahead one thing is for certain the Bees don’t stop! With the swarming...