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October 11th, 2019
Willow 10K will be returning in 2020 with a half marathon… - Hatfield House
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Willow 10K will be returning in 2020 with a half marathon…

After another fantastic annual Willow 10K, we are excited to announce that the event will be returning to Hatfield House on the 4th October 2020.

Willow are delighted that the 2020 event will include a half marathon and you can sign up NOW! Until the 20th October you can use the followING discount codes when you sign up to the race.



Run with Willow 1/2 Marathon Discount code £ 4.00 RWW2020HALF
Run with Willow Discount Code £ 2.00 RWW2020

These codes will expire on 20/10/2019

  • West Garden Park:
  • CLOSED (Open Thurs-Sun)
  • Woodland Walks:
  • CLOSED (Open Thurs-Sun)
  • Restaurant:
  • CLOSED (Open Thurs-Sun)
  • Stable Yard:
  • CLOSED (Open Tues-Sun)
  • Hatfield House:
  • Closed for this season
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