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Hatfield Park is the home of the Marquess of Salisbury and has been the seat of the Cecil family since 1611. It is accessible to the fee-paying public for ‘Open Seasons’ each year. The Estate also runs 'Friends of Hatfield Park,' which is exclusively for those who live in the local parish of Bishop's Hatfield and residential tenants renting a property directly from Hatfield Park.

Members of Friends of Hatfield Park are allowed repeated pedestrian access to the majority of the park throughout the year along with other benefits. Members can enjoy access for either a 6 or 12 month period, with the exception of publicly ticketed events, filming sets and a limited number of Public Holidays.

Residential tenants of Hatfield Park will automatically be invited to join Friends of Hatfield Park without charge.

Please check if your address falls within the defined area here
Alternatively, you can call 07771594036 or email
Once we have confirmed that your address falls within the correct area you will need to complete an online application form. You will also need to upload documents to the online application process as evidence of residence and a photo which will be used for your pass. A link to the application can be found here

£40 - 6 month pass for 1 Adult
£50 - 12 month pass for 1 Adult
£75 - 12 month pass for 2 Adults
Children under 16 do not need to become members, up to 3 children will be given access to the park when accompanying somebody with a valid pass.

You can use an existing pass up until December 31st 2020 when all passes will expire, regardless of their start date. After this date, should you wish to become a ‘Friend’ of Hatfield Park you will need to purchase a membership where by a new member card will be sent to you. Only with your new membership card will you be permitted into the grounds.

Yes, you are able to still visit the park whilst waiting for your membership card to arrive. You must show your e-mail confirmation on arrival. Please be aware whilst waiting for your membership you will not have access to Stable Yard. Please plan your visit accordingly.

Day entrance passes to Hatfield Park are given to Hatfield Food Bank to ensure those facing hardship can still access the Park.

Once your application has been accepted your pass & lanyard will be sent to you via the post taking up to 2 weeks to arrive.

You are able to use your fob up until 31st December 2020. After this time all fobs will be deactivated and must be returned to Station Lodge.

All passes will be valid for either 6 or 12 months depending on the option you choose.
The expiry date will be included on your pass and we will also send you an email to remind you to renew and make a payment as you approach the end of your membership term.

All payments must be made online via card.

Yes, each member can buy up to 3 Guest Passes a day at £5 each. If you have 2 Adult memberships you will be able to buy 6 passes between you. When you join Friends of Hatfield Park you will be given access to a 'members page' where Guest Passes can be bought. Guest Passes must be purchased in advance and the member must accompany all guests on their visit. Guests on their own will not be permitted access to the park even with a ticket. Guest Passes do not permit access to the House.

Yes, children up to the age of 16 may accompany a relative with a pass. From their 16th birthday they will need to become a member of Friends of Hatfield Park. Each member can bring a maximum of 3 children into the park on any visit.

There is no free or discounted entry to the House. A valid supplementary ticket would need to be purchased to visit on open days and times during the open season. Supplementary tickets can be purchased at ticket kiosks when open to the general public.

There is no free or discounted entry to events. A valid ticket would need to be purchased to any event.

Yes, if you rent your home from us you will be eligible for a pass free of charge for the duration of your tenancy. We will contact you with details on what you need to do to join Friends of Hatfield Park.

Access to the West & East Garden is included as a benefit to members. The Gardens can be visited when open to the general public. Please check opening times on our website. Food, drink & dogs are not permitted in the gardens.

If you lose your pass you will need to inform Station Lodge and purchase a new pass from your online portal via a 'store Purchase' from the 'Store'. The replacement charge for a lost card is £15 which is made online via your members portal.

All passes’ must be worn around your neck with your included lanyard whilst in the Park.

No, payment will not be taken until your application has been approved.

Up to 4 dogs are permitted with your pass and must be controlled at all times.

Dogs are welcome in the park but are not permitted in the gardens or any building. Various roads supporting vehicular traffic can be found throughout the park therefore dogs must be kept under control at all times in all areas. We advise when on the roads they are kept on a lead.

They must be kept on a lead around sheep and other livestock that graze on the Estate. In addition, snares and other legal means of pest and vermin control are in place throughout the Estate and cannot be held responsible if your dog strays from the permitted areas and suffers injury as a result. In addition, your pass may be removed if your dog is a nuisance or is not kept under control.

It is mandatory that dog owners pick up their dog’s faeces and place them in the dog waste bins provided.

From January Station Lodge will be open Monday to Sunday 7am - 6:30pm. Last admittance to the park is 6:00pm. Lodge keepers must not be disturbed outside of these times.

The Estate including all gates will be closed on Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Members may also experience restricted access during publicly ticketed events, filming days and the set-up and breakdown days. The Estate reserves the right to close the park at any time.

Access is on foot only via Station Lodge. George's Car Park is not available to use. Nearby car parks which are available are Hatfield Station Car Park and Great North Road Car Park.

Bicycles, tricycles or scooters are not permitted in the Park.

BBQ or fires are not permitted anywhere on the Estate

Picnics are permitted in the Park but not in the Gardens.

Paddling or swimming in the fountains, lakes, ponds and rivers is not permitted

Yes - a serious breach of the Hatfield Park Code will result in a membership being terminated without refunding the admission or fee. The Estate is private land and reserves the right to refuse entry or to escort persons immediately from the premises if deemed necessary.

Yes please see the following reasons:
- Pass is out of date.
- A member is not wearing their pass or refuses to present it on request.
- A pass is loaned to a person other than the registered user.
- Insufficient or inappropriate clothing is worn. The minimum requirement is that the torso is covered, shorts & shoes are worn and there are no offensive messages or pictures on the clothing.
- If a member is found outside of the permitted areas as defined on the Friends of the Park Access map.
- If a member is found on the Estate outside of the permitted times and dates.
- If a member is accompanied by non-member without a valid guest pass.
- If a serious breach of the Hatfield Park Code takes place.

If you are not able to complete the application online please visit Station Lodge (entrance opposite Hatfield train station) and we will be happy to help.

Disabled parking is available in the main visitors car park to all Blue Badge holders. At times when the main visitor car park is closed, members with a Blue Badge will be able to access alternative disabled parking at the Viaduct Car Park, which can be accessed via Station Lodge (opposite Hatfield train station).

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