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The Park

  • Management of the park includes protecting and enhancing ecological features

  • SHEEP are used in areas of the park to maintain grass and reduce our reliance on tractors

  • DEDICATED MEMBERS of the Hatfield Park team continually look at ways in which wildlife can be encouraged into the park

  • LONG GRASS IS ENCOURAGED in areas of the park to attract wildlife

  • WINTER FOOD is put down in areas of the park for birds to feed

  • Trees are subject to regular safety surveys to ensure members can visit safely throughout the year. Some of the veteran trees are over 1000 years old

  • £20k SPENT EACH YEAR surveying the trees within the park to ensure any hazards are fixed

  • £30k SPENT EACH YEAR on boundary fences to secure the park enabling exclusive access for the Friends of the Park all year round

  • GRASS IS MAINTAINED to ensure the Friends of the Park can use walking routes throughout the year, we estimate 3 people tend to the grass 3 days a week 8 months of the year.

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How To Apply

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Friends Of Hatfield Park – apply now

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