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Visitor Map

Use the map below to explore all that Hatfield Park has to offer.

Map Key

1. George’s Gate
2. Car and Coach Park
3. Cycle store
4. Church Hall
5. St Etheldreda’s Church

Contains the Salisbury Chapel & tombs.

6. The Old Palace
7. Fore Street Gate
8. Hatfield Real Tennis Club
9. Coach House Kitchen
10. Riding School Conference Centre
11. Stable Yard Shops
12. North Front

Renaissance Sculpture by Angela Conner.

13. West Garden Entrance
14. Victoria Kitchen

Disabled Access

15. Knott Garden

16. Sundial Garden
17. Woodland Garden
18. Lady Gwendolen’s Garden
19. South Front –

Private Area

20. East Garden Entrance
21. Elephant Dell
22. Hatfield Park
23. Elizabeth Oak

Where Elizabeth I learned of her accession to the throne of England in 1558. From the location of point 21. Walk down the Avenue away from the House. Turn right and follow the line of trees for about 400m.

24. Station Lodge – Pedestrian entrance
25. Start of Woodland Walks

26. Old Hatfield
27. Salisbury Square


Hatfield Park