Accessability - Hatfield House
Accessability - Hatfield House


It is always a pleasure for us to welcome and help visitors with disabilities, we do all we can to make a visit to Hatfield House enjoyable for everyone


Disabled parking is available within the main car park accessed through George’s Gate. Access to the shops, restaurant and lavatories is wheel chair friendly. Both male and female lavatories in the Stable Yard have a disabled toilet. There is a good route for wheelchairs around the garden.

The surface of the car park is hard standing, but should we be very popular on the day you will be directed to overflow grassed car park fields.


The ladies lavatories have one disabled toilet, through an 80cm door, with two handrails on either side of the lavatory which is 45 cm high. There are also 10 cubicles in the ladies toilets accessed by one step of 18cm in height.
Baby changing facilities are available in the ladies and gentlemen’s lavatories.

The gentlemen’s lavatory house one disabled toilet through 85 cm door with two handrails on either side of the lavatory, which is 45 cm high.
There are seven urinals accessed via one step of 22cm in height and one cubicle accessed via four steps of 22cm in height each. One of the urinals has a step to enable male children to use it.

There are additional all gender lavatories in the coach house restaurant. One of these is for disabled visitors as above.


Seven of the ten shops in Stable Yard have access with no steps and their access is between 78cm and 1.2 metres. Pots of Art has one step of 18cm in height.

Heritage Brides is accessed via 17 steps of 18cm in height and 1.3 metre in width. There is a handrail on one side.

There is a decorative fountain in Stable Yard with no rail.


Entrance to Hatfield Park is via three gates on hard standing, each of which is 1 metre wide

There are three designated walks in the park and a free map is available at ticket points. The yellow walk is 1.1 mile, the blue 2 miles and the red 3.2 miles. All are through parkland and therefore over grassy, uneven and often muddy terrain.

There are a number of hard standing roads around the parkland that wheelchairs would be able to travel on whilst being aware of traffic. These are marked paths on the Park Walks leaflet.


Throughout the West Garden there is a variety of different terrain. The paths are gravel but visitors may walk on the grass, unless otherwise stated.

There are benches placed around the West Garden and North Front for visitors.

The fountain in the centre of the West Garden has no rails around it so extra care needs to be taken, especially keeping an eye on small children.

There are a number of steps throughout the West Garden, but these can be avoided to gain access to other areas.

Sculptures in the garden are provided for visitor’s enjoyment but are not suitable for touching or climbing upon.

We do admit carers into the grounds for free if a carers card can be shown, when accompanying a visitor who requires further assistance.

A visit to Hatfield House garden and park is always worthwhile and very much enjoyed by visitors with disabilities. For booking and further advice or help please contact us on 01707 287010.

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