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What is ‘Friends of Hatfield Park’

Hatfield Park is the home of the Marquess of Salisbury and has been the seat of the Cecil family since 1611. It is accessible to the fee-paying public for ‘Open Seasons’ each year. The Estate also runs ‘Friends of Hatfield Park,’ which is exclusively for those who live in the local parish of Bishop’s Hatfield and residential tenants renting a property directly from Hatfield Park.

Members of Friends of Hatfield Park are allowed repeated pedestrian access to the majority of the park throughout the year along with other benefits. Members can enjoy access for either a 6 or 12 month period, with the exception of publicly ticketed events, filming sets and a limited number of Public Holidays.

Residential tenants of Hatfield Park will automatically be invited to join Friends of Hatfield Park without charge.


How do I apply to become a member?

Please check if your address falls within the defined area here.

Alternatively, you can call 07771594036 or email
Once we have confirmed that your address falls within the correct area you will need to complete an online application form. You will also need to upload documents to the online application process as evidence of residence and a photo which will be used for your pass.

How much is membership?

From January 1st 2024

Guest Pass – 1 Day – £6

Single Membership – 6 Months – £40

Single Membership – 12 Months – £55

2 x Adult Joint Membership – 12 Months – £80

Single House Inclusive Membership – 12 Months – £80

2 x Adult Joint House Inclusive Membership – 12 Months – £105

Children under 18 do not need to become members, up to 4 children will be given access to the park when accompanying somebody with a valid pass.
*Please see full terms and conditions on all passes.

Can I visit whilst waiting for my membership card?

Yes, you are able to still visit the park whilst waiting for your membership card to arrive. You must show your e-mail confirmation on arrival. Please be aware whilst waiting for your membership you will not have access to Stable Yard. Please plan your visit accordingly.

I am unable to afford to join the new scheme, can I still access the park?

Day entrance passes to Hatfield Park are given to Hatfield Food Bank to ensure those facing hardship can still access the Park.