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4th Jan 2024

Fine dining against the backdrop of nature

Hatfield Park is an historic estate set amidst 250 acres of stunningly beautiful parkland, with historic and ancient trees, natural amphitheatres, naturally occurring water features and picturesque bridges, impressive tree lined avenues, an abundance of nature and wildlife, breathtaking scenery, atmospheric woodlands and walks, all enveloped with a calming sense of tranquillity.

We have a number of indoor and outdoor characterful spaces nestled within the park that are perfect for curating exclusive dining experiences unlike any other.

  • Hatfield Park
  • Hatfield Park
  • Hatfield Park
  • Hatfield Park
Fine dining against the backdrop of nature - Hatfield Park

For that extra special occasion, our team can work with you to create a fine dining experience that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

The Bird Hide

Recently constructed with natural materials to complement the surrounding environment, the Bird Hide presents a unique, intimate space in which to host the perfect dinner party or special event for a small number of special guests.

The Bird Hide is situated on the banks of the Broadwater, a small, naturally formed fresh water lake, surrounded by wildlife and a huge range of bird species. The windows of the Bird Hide look out across the Broadwater, presenting stunning countryside views uninterrupted by buildings or civilisation.

The space is a blank canvas upon which to create your special occasion, as the hide can be dressed or themed according to your wishes.

The Vineyard

The Vineyard extends to the other side of the Broadwater and was created over 400 years ago in 1611, with many of its 30,000 vines being a gift of the Queen of France, planted and managed by two French Vignerons. Despite this specialist input there are no records of even a single bottle of wine being produced.

This stunning walled space contains some beautiful original features such as brick pavers and cobbled areas.

The Vineyard is substantial in size covering approximately an acre, presenting a unique outdoor space upon which larger scale, bespoke events and occasion may be hosted, the vision of what can be done is limited only by the imagination.

Woodland Dining

Imagine inviting your guests to an exclusive, outdoor Woodland dining experience? There are many suitable natural canopies, dells and naturally sheltered spaces within the park and the woodlands that lend themselves perfectly to hosting a fine dining experience unlike any other.

Woodland Dining

Imagine a foraging experience followed by a wilding dinner where an acclaimed chef transforms the fruits of your labour into delectable dishes that will delight you and your guests?

Appropriate menus, lighting, ambience, dressing and transport to and from the space are all within the remit of our experienced event management team, who will make your unique dining experience dream become a reality.

Castle Folly

Lovingly referred to as ‘the Folly’ by all who know this quaint, picturesque building set within the grounds, this highly original and unique building presents almost a fairy-tale-like setting for a sophisticated and extremely special dining occasion.

In architecture, a folly is described as a building constructed primarily for decoration, garden buildings or structures designed to enhance and enliven the surrounding landscape. Designed purely for decorative beauty and not necessarily for a functional purpose, ‘follies’ received their name from this association to silliness and impracticality.

Like many of the historic buildings within the park, the Folly is a listed building and benefits from an ongoing program of conservations works.

Castle Folly presents a truly magical venue to host an evening in the grounds of the park, in a unique indoor space unlike any other.

To find out more about exclusive dining experiences at Hatfield Park please contact our event team who will be delighted to assist you – 01707 287003


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