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20th Jan 2024

What event professionals really want

Hatfield Park recently conducted research with conference and meetings bookers to find out just what it is that makes the difference between an event being a successful one, or one that falls short of everyone’s expectations.

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What event professionals really want - Hatfield Park

The research group initially discussed the negative experiences that they had encountered as event professionals when planning previous events. These experiences included poor levels of service from the venue teams, inflexible attitudes from the venue during the planning process, refreshments not being served on time and therefore having a negative impact on the overall agenda for the day, not enough food and delegates having to queue for an unacceptable amount of time for their lunch.

At Hatfield Park we understand that every single event, small or large, every meeting, product launch or team building activity has a huge number of moveable parts that makes the whole, with each of those parts being equally integral to the success of the event.

From the research conducted, we’ve chosen five of the things that event professionals want when planning an event, which are absolutely vital in delivering a successful occasion for all participants:

1 – Aesthetics are key

A visually impressive venue, both inside (décor and furnishings) and outside (the building itself and the surrounding areas) are vital to give a great first impression upon arrival. Many corporate clients are looking for a venue that is guaranteed to ‘wow’. An impressive backdrop and the use of outdoor space also is appealing.

2 – No copy and paste approach

Event planners want to portray a feeling that their event is unique to delegates. It is sometimes a challenge for planners to find a venue or idea that is different to what’s been done before, so choosing from a selection of limited packages is unappealing. Providing an event that feels different and unique to delegates with interesting, educational or fun tailor-made activies is sought after.

3 – An experienced team – the extra smile

A highly experienced and knowledgeable team gives event professionals confidence and reassurance that they can brief the team and they can deliver the vision. Small, personal and unique gestures make the client feel like the venue really do care about what they are doing. Great customer service is of paramount importance, and demonstrates that the venue has taken just as much ownership for the event to go well as the booker themselves. The customer service experience often determines whether a venue would be considered again.

4 – Easy access to the venue

Venues for events with international delegates need to be centrally located with easy access from all  London airports. Travel by rail to the venue should be easy, quick and direct, and excellent road links and ample free parking on-site is advantageous.

5 – Food and beverage offer

A variety of food choices must be provided to cater for all diets – choice is seen as important for a premium venue. Food and beverages should be high quality with a focus on local produce, produced sustainably and should be tailored to the event and delegates in attendance – some events lend themselves to silver service whilst for others a premium buffet experience is more appropriate. The service is expected to be exemplary throughout.

Hatfield Park offers a wide range of venue spaces, stunning buildings and outdoor spaces perfect for any event. Our approach is to work alongside you to tailor-make your event to perfection.

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