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18th Jan 2024

Heritage Venue, Heritage Brides

Finding your dream wedding dress can be stressful as it is likely that you may not have tried one on before, coupled with the fact that it might be the most expensive garment you have ever purchased.

Add to this a whole host of things you may not even know about or even considered – tulle or organza? A-line or fit-and-flare? One dress or two?

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Heritage Venue, Heritage Brides - Hatfield Park

We’ve selected our top five tips from brides.com to help make the process a little bit easier:

1 – Research, research and more research

Save pictures from magazines, look at online bridal stores, scroll through socials and create a visual folder of your favourite dresses. Then look for a theme – are they all lacy or velvet? Are they extravagant or simple? Find commonalities in the styles and take these to the first appointment you have with your selected bridal store.

2 – Keep an open mind

Bridal consultants see this time and time again – a bride will arrive with a set idea in mind with regard to their perfect dress, try it on and discover that it is not their perfect dress and they fall for something completely different instead. Keep an open mind whilst wedding dress shopping and seek the advice of the bridal consultant.

3 – Shop early – but not too early

Many gowns will take between four to eight months to make, and once they arrive there is no guarantee that the dress will be a perfect fit – you are most likely going to need to factor in additional time for alterations and accessorizing.

However, if you are planning a long engagement and start shopping for gowns immediately, your dress might be out of style by the time your wedding comes around or you may find one you prefer closer to the date.

4 – Agree your budget

It’s not always easy to talk about numbers, but if you agree the budget for your dress up front, this could prevent disappointment further down the line. Before you meet your bridal consultant, agree who is paying for the gown – your family? Your partner? You?

Once you know who is paying and your budget is agreed, this gives your bridal consultant something tangible to work with and gives you the option to pay the difference yourself to get the dress you really want.

5 – Define your theme

Before your start the search for the perfect dress, define your theme. Decide whether you want a casual, garden-party themed wedding, or a formal, romantic theme. Keep the venue and your theme in your mind’s eye as you look for your gown as this will ensure your dress complements the overarching theme of your special day.


Heritage Brides at the Stable Yard, Hatfield Park

Nestling in a beautiful corner of the Stable Yard at Hatfield Park is Heritage Brides. Sam, the founder of the business is a highly experienced bridal consultant, able to find you the dress of your dreams to complete your perfect day.

Here’s a recent introduction that Sam posted on Instagram:

So as it’s a new year and not everyone knows about me, I thought I would do an introduction. I am Sam. I have owned Heritage Brides for the last 10 years. I am no nonsense. I know what I am doing. I always try to make sure you get the best service possible and we find the best dress for you and your budget. I don’t panic. There’s always a solution. And I love what I do. I am not achingly trendy. Really rather middle-aged but don’t like to act my age. Your appointment will be with me. I know the name of every dress in the boutique as well as the price, the colour way and how quickly it will be delivered. But Heritage Brides is not about me. It’s very much about all the brides who have trusted me over the last decade to play a very small part in the biggest day of their lives. And each and everyone of you are beautiful! Why not make an appointment and come and see for yourself what it is all about? Sam x

To find out more visit Heritage Brides at – Heritage Brides – Heritage Brides. Designer wedding gowns which are as unique as you or call Sam to make a private appointment on 01707 707842.


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