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18 January

Hear Hatfield Park’s response to ash dieback.

Hear Hatfield Park’s response to ash dieback.

🚨 The Challenge:

Ash Dieback (also known as chalara) is a fast-spreading disease specific to ash trees which has become widespread across Europe.  Usually fatal to an infected tree, it has already caused huge damage across the UK.

🛡️ Our Approach:

While there’s no cure, some ash trees show resistance. We’re keeping these resilient trees, hoping they’ll provide healthy seeds and saplings for decades. Unfortunately, severely infected trees must be removed before they die and collapse, allowing us to replant with a diverse mix of broadleaf trees, boosting species and age diversity in Hatfield Park’s woodland.

🌳 More Information:

Come and listen to our expert forester, Ben Manning, discuss our strategy in detail. Learn how we’re dealing with the ash dieback and ensuring a vibrant, resilient woodland for generations to come.

Event Details:

🗓️ Date: January 18th

🕡 Time: 6:30 PM

📍 Venue: Old Palace, Hatfield Park

Free Parking:

🚗 Hatfield Park Visitor Car Park, Church Lane, Hatfield AL9 5HX.