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8 November, 2023 - 6th December

NEW 5 week Yoga Flow Course at the Oak House

with Elina Patrou

Practicing at the Oak House feels like a mini-retreat! The space is beautifully atmospheric, set in the idyllic surroundings of Hatfield House.

These courses foster a sense of community and offer us the opportunity to more deeply explore and develop enriching themes and practices in a playful and intelligent way. Within each 5 week course, we delve into a new thoughtfully curated theme. Each class is unique, drawing on elements from the one before it, to support and inspire you on your yoga journey.


My practice and teaching are inspired by yoga, pilates, qigong, somatics and dance. I believe in empowering people to learn through their felt experience, by attuning to their body’s inherent wisdom and intelligent design. I am interested in movement being an intrinsically rewarding practice that cultivates deep connection, strength and fluidity in the body as well as a joyful presence of being.

My classes are slow, deep, and strong, with flowing sequencing guided by the breath. I have been fortunate to train with and learn from wonderful teachers, most notably Jean Hall, Eileen Gauthier, Mimi Kuo Deemer and more recently James Rafael, Paula Andreewitch, Aki Omori and so many other excellent teachers and movement scientists.

We typically start with subtle and somatic movements leading into strong, dynamic flows followed by restorative practices at the end. We often use various yoga props such as straps, blocks and bolsters to support our practice.

My training in Daoist Flow Yoga with Jean Hall, Mimi Kuo Deemer and James Rafael has hugely inspired me to continue exploring movement, mindfulness and meditation practices and philosophical teachings that cultivate joy, purpose and nourishment for a life that is in flow.


The Oak House Studio & Therapies

Church Lane, Hatfield, England, AL9 5HX, United Kingdom (map)


If you can’t make this they have another slot of 5 week yoga sessions in the new year: 31.01.24 – 28.02.24