11 May 2020

Busy Bees At Hatfield

Without a doubt, some of the busiest members of the team here at Hatfield are the bees!

Beekeeping is a full-time endeavour and is a very important role. Barry has worked within Hatfield Park for over twenty years and for the past twelve years he has kept bees across three different sites around the Park.

Barry’s Bees forage for pollen for up to five miles and create over fifty jars of honey per hive!

At home, we can do a lot to support our local bee community by planting flowers for them to feed on. From a balcony to hanging baskets and window boxes we can all do our bit to create bee-friendly gardens. Planting marigolds, chives, mint and lavender will create a banquet of pollen for our busy friends.

Busy Bees At Hatfield - Hatfield Park