20 August 2022

Thoughts From A Beekeeper

Today we celebrate Honey Bee’s for #WorldHoneyBeeDay with a special message from our resident Beekeeper, Barry 🐝

“It is often said, every year brings change. None more than this year, with all that beekeeping brings to enrich our knowledge and understanding of this fascinating invertebrate.

Regionally, Honeybees have had mixed results with performance, with changing weather conditions having significant effect on the sustainability of colonies. February was disappointing with colony build up, as heavy honeybee losses were reported in Hertfordshire, with various suggestions to the cause. However, Honeybees can be quite resilient and with an emphasis on colony increase due to breeding programs, colonies were soon back to levels similar to 2021.

Missing the spring nectar flow, all hope was on summer and the abundance that nature brings with heavy pollen and nectar. Who would have thought that this summer was going to be so hot. Now, our concern is that Honeybees are gathering enough resources for the unknown winter conditions to come. For the bees to survive this period, we hope that with every year, change will be for the better.

Pollination by all invertebrates is such a vital part of our eco system and with more help and understanding, we can all take part in the enrichment of where we live.” – Barry the Beekeeper

Thoughts From A Beekeeper - Hatfield Park