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30 November, 2023 - 31st December

Fantastical Christmas Revels hosted by Queen Elizabeth I

Step into the realm of Tudor festivities with our enchanting Christmas experience at Hatfield Park. Embark on Queen Elizabeth I hosting the fantastical revels, a journey through time and tradition, where yuletide merriment meets regal majesty. Wander through the West Garden, past the Knot Garden, and into the Victorian Kitchen, encountering imposing Tudor bespoke installations, from a majestic carriage to merry mummers captured in the moment as they perform their festive plays. Gaze upon the Christmas Kissing Bough, immerse yourself in the melodies of the era, and capture your journey with an awe-inspiring figure of Queen Elizabeth I. Transport yourself to a regal past and create cherished memories amidst the sparkle of the season. Book now to celebrate Christmas fit for Tudor royalty and experience Yule Blessings from the Tudor Court.

Please note, this enchanting journey is an outdoor experience, so we recommend dressing appropriately for the weather, especially as this is during the winter months. Please layer up warmly, bring your wellies, and embody the seasonal charm as you enjoy the experience at Hatfield Park.

If you will be joining us earlier in the day, as part of your afternoon ticket, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore our expansive parkland, which includes access to all of our wonderful woodland walks. Embrace the beauty of nature and make the most of your visit by wandering through our picturesque park.


For further information and to book your tickets please visit

To read more from behind the scenes of our Christmas experience, working with CLW Event Design, on the Hatfield Edit here.