15 February 2022

A Day in the Life of a… Cleaning Services Manager

Meet Andrew, our Cleaning Services Manager who has been with Hatfield Park for over 3 years.

A Typical Day

I usually arrive between 5.30am and 6.00am, which is the perfect time to drive around the park collecting rubbish before anyone else is around. I drive around the whole estate emptying the bins and I also clean the Stable Yard toilets before we open to the public. I then spend the morning sorting through rubbish in the yard to make sure it is all tidy and in the right place. At 9.30 I usually stop for a coffee and to check my emails. I look after cleaning supplies for the estate and the house so, I check what orders I have in and what stock is available.

Throughout the week, I look after our commercial tenants. They have bin collections on different days so I make sure these are all sorted and that there are no problems. I usually have lunch around 11.30am, I know that seems a bit early but I have had a pretty long day by this point usually. Before I leave at 1.30pm, I go over to check the toilets and bins in Stable Yard. When the park and gardens are open or if we have an event, I sometimes stay until 4.00pm to make sure everywhere is tidy before I go home. In the winter, I am responsible for gritting the roads and paths to make sure our tenants and residents can get around the estate safely.

Favourite Part of the Job

I really feel like I am making a difference. Every piece of rubbish is sorted to make sure we are doing our bit to be as green as possible. I always feel a huge sense of achievement at the end of the day.

Least Favourite Part of the Job

Sorting out rubbish doesn’t sound particularly glamorous but I do find it rewarding overall. The role is also quite physically demanding which I enjoy but I am always tired when I get home.

What do you like best about working in Hatfield Park?

I love working in such a beautiful location with lots of great people. Even the family themselves pay a particular interest in what I am doing and I feel appreciated for the work I do.

A Day in the Life of a… Cleaning Services Manager - Hatfield Park