Move and Improve Physiotherapy at Oak House Studio

Located at The Oak House Studio in Hatfield Park, Move and Improve Physiotherapy offers expert physiotherapy for a range of musculoskeletal conditions affecting bones, joints and soft tissues.

The primary aim of physiotherapy is to restore movement and function through patient-centred advice, targeted exercise and hands on therapy as appropriate, to encourage the return or improvement of physical activity.

Whether you are experiencing new or ongoing symptoms such as pain that is impacting your ability to live normally, physiotherapy has a great deal to offer.

Kate and Dionne at Move and Improve Physiotherapy are passionate about providing individualised care to all their patients by carefully listening to their story, discussing their lifestyles and exploring their expectations and goals from the beginning.

After the completion of a thorough physical examination, the team seek to empower their patients to better understand the cause of their symptoms and to self-manage, agreeing a treatment plan designed to restore body confidence, thus helping clients to return to doing the things they value in life.

Kate and Dionne are very experienced physiotherapists, treating all conditions affecting muscles, joints and soft tissues, with a particular interest in managing ongoing lower back pain and supporting women with menopause related musculoskeletal symptoms.

If you are would like to know further information please contact Kate on 07785792197 or Dionne on 07980935863.

Move and Improve Physiotherapy at Oak House Studio - Hatfield Park