28 July 2022

A Note About Our Future Concerts & Events

We understand that following the traffic management issues at the Michael Buble concert, many people planning to come to Hatfield Park for another event this summer may now have concerns.

Firstly we want to reassure people that the capacity for all of our upcoming events is comfortably accommodated on Hatfield Park. The upcoming LPH events are similar in scale to Battle Proms and Folk By The Oak – both of which were highly successful and went ahead without issue. Hatfield Park has hosted successful events on this scale for many years and we are confident that LPH will deliver a high-quality experience.

Secondly, please be assured that the LPH events are totally separate from AEG, which organised Michael Buble. We have worked with the LPH team to ensure that sufficient parking and access arrangements are in place to accommodate the number of ticket holders.

Parking information can be found at:

We are confident that, working with LPH, the events will be safe and enjoyable for all those who attend.

A Note About Our Future Concerts & Events - Hatfield Park