14 April 2022

Lady Salisbury’s Annual Coffee Morning

On Tuesday, The Old Palace was filled with members of the local community, who all came out to support Breaks Manor Youth & Community Centre & the St. Etheldreda’s West End Project.

Lady Salisbury addressed the event saying: “Thank you all for coming, we are so excited to have this event because of having missed two years. Thank you to everybody for your involvement…We have been blessed with lovely weather and thank you all for waiting two years to come back. Since the beginning, we used to be in the riding school and then we were joined by the church as we started off with just youth clubs. When Father Darren came on board, we outgrew the riding school and we are now in the beautiful Old Palace which everybody enjoys….To the wider community, you are so welcome to have come here, thank you very much to everybody who has brought things and to all of you who buy, enjoy your morning, thank you.”

The coffee morning raised a total of £2,776.99 without the total from the silent auction. We will announce updates and news on the silent auction in the coming weeks.

Lady Salisbury’s Annual Coffee Morning - Hatfield Park