The Journey of The 3 Brewers: A Conversation with Mark Fanner

In the realm of craft beer, where every pint tells a story, The 3 Brewers stands for innovation and quality. We spoke with Mark Fanner, one of the founding members of this brewery, to learn about the journey that brought The 3 Brewers from an idea to reality.

April 2012

It all began with three passionate individuals: Mark, Pete, and Nick, united by their entrepreneurship and ambitious ideas. With Mark’s background in marketing, and Nick’s knowledge from home brewing as a hobby, they firstly needed to find the perfect home for their start-up business. Envisioning something more than just another industrial site for their venture, they sought a space with character. When they stumbled upon Symonds Hyde Farm, they knew they had found their new space.

Despite initial challenges, such as inconsistent equipment acquired from a closing brewery, Mark and his team persevered. They meticulously tested and modified their brewing process, emphasising quality above all else. The shock of having no mains water to the property, became so far from an issue, when they were told a borehole on site provided rich with minerals, pure water. With support from Gascoyne Estates, the farm became not just a location, but a thriving hub of innovation and collaboration. They began working alongside other talented people on the farm, for example, they requested the blacksmith’s help to make alterations to their barn.

A partnership with Gascoyne Estates

Mark speaks highly of Gascoyne Estates, particularly highlighting the support provided by Daniel Mackay, the landlord who sublets the farm. Daniel strongly encourages the creativity of each of his sublets working together to increase the efficiency of their individual companies. From overcoming the departure of team members to weathering the storms of lockdowns, this support has been instrumental in The 3 Brewers’ success.

Community engagement and sustainability

Beyond brewing excellent beer, The 3 Brewers is deeply ingrained in its community and committed to sustainability. From hosting music festivals to Christmas parties, with their bar open every Saturday, the brewery opens its doors to all. During the closure of public houses and hotels in lockdown, Mark started personally delivering to the homes of his loyal customers, who he says saved his business. Growing relationships with these customers developed into him thanking them with a special, exclusive membership as well as an annual party to celebrate.

Moreover, their dedication to sustainability extends to every aspect of their operation, from recapturing water to repurposing brewing byproducts for agricultural use. For example, the spent grain and hops are given to a farmer in Barnet, for animal feed + fertilisation for his plants.

Looking ahead

As we concluded our conversation, Mark shared his optimism for the future of The 3 Brewers. With a loyal customer base, ongoing collaborations with local establishments like The Grove, and a commitment to quality and sustainability, the brewery is poised for continued growth and success.

In essence, The 3 Brewers isn’t just about brewing beer; it’s about crafting experiences, fostering community, and leaving a positive impact on the world. And with Mark Fanner at the helm, the journey promises to be as exhilarating as the first sip of their signature brews.

More information about The 3 Brewers

Please support The 3 Brewers by visiting their socials and website,

Instagram: @the3brewers

Facebook: @3brewers

Website: The 3 Brewers – local beer brewed by local beer lovers

Their next big ‘beer, music, food festival’ is on Saturday 31st August, which welcomes everyone for free, located at the brewery.

You will be able to buy their beer from our gift shop too!

They are open for ‘take home’ sales or a relaxing drink indoors or outdoors:

Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm

Saturdays 11am – 5pm

Coffees and cakes will be part of the offering on Saturdays from 13th April.  As well as their own cask and craft keg beers they also sell cider, gin & tonic, prosecco, and soft drinks.

The Journey of The 3 Brewers: A Conversation with Mark Fanner - Hatfield Park