Responsible dining at The Coach House Kitchen – data driven and delicious

The Coach House Kitchen at Stable Yard, Hatfield Park, have recently introduced a carbon footprint guide for all of the dishes featured on the menus available at the restaurant and deli.

In a similar way that calorific intake and dietary information such as vegan and gluten-free dishes are shown as symbols on menus, it is now possible for consumers to understand the impact that their menu choices have on the environment.

Partnering with Foodsteps and using a clear and simple traffic light system and labels, it is possible to understand the carbon footprint by ingredient and dish using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions from food across its life.

The carbon labels explained:

  • Very low carbon, equates to 0.36kg of carbon per serving, 46 charges of a smart phone and 1.5 miles driven in a car
  • Low carbon, equates to 1.01kg of carbon per serving, 110 charges of a smart phone and 4.3 miles driven in a car
  • Medium carbon, equates to 1.35kg of carbon per serving, 167 charges of a smart phone and 5.8 miles driven in a car
  • High carbon, equates to 4.71kg of carbon per serving, 600 charges of a smart phone and 20 miles driven in a car
  • Very high carbon, equates to 10.03kg of carbon per serving, 1,279 charges of a smart phone and 44 miles driven in a car

Foodsteps is building the largest database on food impacts featuring over 3500 ingredients, providing farm to fork insights from the entire life cycle of the food product, and is the result of 6 years of research from environmental and data specialists.

“Our strategy is to not only provide our customers with delicious, contemporary food and beverage options, but to also choose our ingredients and partners in a way that makes us more sustainable and tread more lightly on our planet,” commented General Manager Scott Foster. “We have managed our business with this responsible mindset for many years now, using local producers and supporting local businesses and charities whenever we can. It will be interesting to see what effect the Foodsteps traffic light system will have on our customers menu choices going forwards.”

Foodsteps is just one of the partnerships that Coach House Kitchen have in place to help their customers become ever-more responsible when dining.

Jude’s ice cream have refined their product range to provide consumers with not only a range of delicious products but environmentally friendly options also. Jude’s plant based ice cream has approximately a 47% lower carbon footprint and uses up to 80% less land than the dairy alternative, a significant statistic as we seek to protect our global habitats, biodiversity and climate. Look out for the distinctive green lids and labels on the plant based range.

Jude’s are committed to introducing more people to the delights of plant based ice cream as it tastes delicious and is better for the planet. The UK National Food Strategy (2021) calls for a 30% reduction in meat and dairy consumption in the UK over the next 10 years and ice cream is a great place to start. The dairy ice cream range is made with local milk from Matterley Farm, whose Greenhouse Gas Emissions are in the lowest 10% in the industry. Jude’s are also actively pioneering lower sugar products for children and hope to see more reformation of children’s products with less sugar across the market.







Responsible dining at The Coach House Kitchen – data driven and delicious - Hatfield Park