16 February 2024

A fond farewell to Hattie Knight, Operation Assistant Manager

Today, as we bid a fond farewell to our colleague, Hattie Knight, Operation Assistant Manager at Gascoyne Estates, we reflect on her journey here and the valuable insights she shares.


Hattie, could you briefly describe your role at Gascoyne and the key responsibilities associated with it? As the Operation Assistant Manager, my responsibilities span a wide spectrum. From desk duties like invoicing and lead follow-ups to collaborative brainstorming sessions with the team at Hatfield Park. Every day brings new challenges. However, the most exhilarating aspect of my role is undoubtedly coordinating the myriad of events hosted here. Co-ordinating 30,000 people into an arena and making sure they are happy, safe, and having fun is something I love. What people don’t know is that just as much planning goes into small intimate events, something I also plan here. Again, the same principle applies – people are here to have fun, forget life outside the gates and have a good time. Leave the worries to me.


How long have you been working at Gascoyne, and what initially attracted you to the company? Despite the humorous misconception of my tenure being longer, I’ve dedicated two enriching years to Gascoyne. My journey here was sparked by a deep-rooted connection to Hatfield Park, a cherished childhood destination. growing up abroad with our British family ties in the neighbouring village, this was always somewhere they’d bring us to, to have the typical British afternoon, and revel in the Tudor and Jacobean history. Years later, and a permanent resident in the UK, I was in Carl Russell one day with my father. Later I stumbled upon Gascoyne’s career page, I was captivated by its core values, particularly its commitment to custodianship. It felt like a natural fit.


Reflecting on your time at Gascoyne, what do you enjoy most about your job and working here? The sense of community is truly remarkable. I’ve made a point to engage with people in every corner of the estate, forging meaningful connections. Witnessing the transformation of the house during evening events remains a personal highlight. The collaborative spirit within our small, yet dynamic team fosters a sense of camaraderie that extends beyond office walls. Whether it’s donning wellies for an estate Litter Pick or sharing insightful conversations outdoors, these moments have enriched my experience immeasurably.


Can you share a memorable experience or project that you’ve been a part of during your time at the company? One unforgettable moment was witnessing the royal procession during a public engagement at the Old Palace. Months of meticulous planning culminated in a spectacle that underscored the intricacies of event coordination. Additionally, curating private events and showcasing the estate to diverse guests has been incredibly rewarding. The joy reflected in their faces as they experience our efforts first-hand is truly priceless.


In what ways do you feel supported and encouraged to grow both personally and professionally at Gascoyne? Gascoyne’s vibrant community serves as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. The encouragement to engage with peers and explore opportunities beyond our immediate roles has been instrumental. The multitude of developmental avenues available on the estate ensures that stagnation is never an option.


Reflecting on challenges faced, are there any particular obstacles you’ve encountered in your role, and how did you navigate them? Transitioning into a role requiring extensive event management expertise presented its share of challenges, given my background. However, witnessing the fruition of meticulously planned events and the attendees’ delight has been immensely gratifying, reaffirming my resolve to overcome obstacles.


What makes Gascoyne stand out as a company, in your opinion? Gascoyne’s enduring legacy spanning over 400 years imbues it with a unique sense of responsibility. Beyond being a mere company, it symbolizes a commitment to preserving and enriching a cultural heritage for generations to come. This ethos resonates deeply with me, underscoring the significance of our collective efforts.


As you depart from Gascoyne, is there any advice or insights you would like to share with those considering joining or pursuing a similar role? Approach with an open mind and a willingness to embrace diverse experiences. Gascoyne offers a lifestyle rather than just a job, enriching both personally and professionally.


Thank you to Hattie for all of her hard work and support here at Gascoyne. You have been a pleasure to work with. Best of luck with the next move in your career, from all of your fellow colleagues.

A fond farewell to Hattie Knight, Operation Assistant Manager - Hatfield Park