1 Years Free Membership For Tenants

The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce have partnered with the Herts Growth Hub and Better Business for All, to provide access to funded legal advice and resources by offering a years’ membership with the Herts Chamber. Eligible businesses will be able to access free legal advice and resources as part of the package of membership benefits available.

Join the fastest growing Chamber nationally, attend events and raise your profile in and around Hertfordshire.
Connect with local business, Collaborate keeping the Heart in Hertfordshire and Grow your business.

“As part of the Chamber, it has been great to get to know local companies and engage in worthwhile business. We are glad to be a part of a community where we can learn so much from each other” – Paul Kaye, IntelliQA

They have a limited number of packages available, and these are offered on a first come first served basis.

For more information and details how to apply for your free membership please email

Upcoming events which may be of interest:
• Summer Garden Party – 30th June 2022, Sopwell House, St Albans
• July Chamber Lunch – 7th July 2022, Shendish Manor, Hemel Hempstead with Imagination Technologies
• Golf Day – 13th July, Moor Park, Rickmansworth
• August Chamber Lunch – 11th August, Old Palace, Hatfield House with Anthony Downs
• September Chamber Lunch – 22nd September, DoubleTree Hilton, Elstree with Sky Studios

1 Years Free Membership For Tenants - Hatfield Park